All You: More Than Just Coupons – Hidden Money

All You is commonly known as the Coupon Magazine. Each issue contains over $50 in coupons, but I normally see over $70 or $80 (the front cover states how the dollar amount inside). Not only do I love the coupons, I love the great articles that help me find more ways to save money.  They also have a newsletter full of great tips.  
This week, I ran across an article called “5 Hidden Cash Hot Spots”. Their second tip was about adjusting your income tax withholding to avoid overpaying. While you don’t get a huge check in the spring, you aren’t loaning Uncle Sam thousands of dollars at 0% interest either. My Dear Husband and I just agreed  to adjust his withholdings to get rid of the extra $25 we have taken out each week.  To avoid it getting spent on little things, I set up an automatic $25 transfer into our money market account for every Friday.  We’ll never miss it, we’re able to access it when we need – not when the government wants to give it back, and we’re earning a little interest on it!
To read the rest of the article head over to  Interested in starting a subscription? Amazon is offering a year at $19.95 ($1.66/issue) right now.

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