Bounty $5 Coupon Giveaway

Tomorrow will bring another Bounty $5 coupon giveaway, but they have sweetened the deal. You will have 2 opportunities to win. Here’s what Bounty had to say on Facebook today:

Fans, we heard you loud and clear and have some great news! We will be doing TWO 5,000 $5 coupon drops tomorrow. The first 5,000 will be given between 8-10am EST and the second 5,000 between 10am-1pm EST. That’s 10,000 $5 coupons! Remember, it’s first come, first serve on both instances and they will go quickly. Thanks and see you all tomorrow!

Make sure you head over & like Bounty now to increase your chance of winning. These go really quickly.

Regardless of whether you win, please take a second to thank Bounty for this giveaway. Showing your appreciation makes a company realize this is a good marketing technique and increase the likeliness they will do something similar in the future.

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