Couptivate: No More Expired Deals

 Ever buy a really great deal from a daily deal site and then forget about it?  Depending on the site, you may be able to get the amount you paid back or you may just be out your money. Throwing away money is never a savvy shopping decision, so I was very excited to hear about Couptivate.

They have all my favorite deals sites on there: Plum District, Groupon, eversave, and Living Social, plus many others I’m going to have to look into now.

Its really easy to use. Simply connect your daily deal accounts once and when you log in, you can view all your open deals. You can even sort them by category, if you are looking for one to use on a gift for a special person in your life or planning a night out.

Love a deal site they don’t have listed, you can manually add deals and they encourage you to let them know which sites you’d like to see added. Best part? Its free & right now, when you sign up you’re entered to win an iPad. Head over to Couptivate & never have another expired deal!


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