Fast Orange

I’ve been following Couponing to Disney’s 5-A-Day coupon request plan for a couple of weeks. A couple times a week, I grab a few of my favorite products from around the house and email the manufacturer. I simply tell them something I like about the product and try to give an example of a way that we use it in our house that isn’t typical.

Last week, I found a bottle of Fast Orange (my husband and dad’s favorite hand cleaner for the garage) under my kitchen sink. Not expecting anything back, I emailed Permatex (the manufacturer) and told them how I love it because the bottle comes with a nail brush that I always steal from my husband.  Apparently, they liked my email because I received a full-size bottle with a bonus nail brush (Now my husband can have his back!) in the mail.

This is definitely my favorite response. I’ve received a few coupons for free products and some high value coupons, but no one else has saved me a trip to the store 🙂

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