Free Worksheets: Social & Emotional Development

Many young child have a hard time expressing how they feel (hence the biting and crying phases), so I love finding & sharing new ways to help them communicate. Each child is so different and that year or 2 before they can verbally express themselves can be very frustrating. Recently, I came across some great worksheets for those little ones that are capable of expressing themselves (with simple words or actions) when calm. These Social & Emotional Development worksheets from were designed to help children identify emotions and discuss their feelings.

Have a younger child, too? Print 2 copies & put one in a file for making copies later. I have a few files that I use for different subjects to save myself from hunting down that where a great worksheet came from or for a refresher later on. Tip: If a worksheet doesn’t print the website’s address, make sure to hand-write it on for later reference.


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