Getting High Value & Free Product Coupons

One of my favorite ways to get free products and high-value coupons is to write the manufacturer. I simply fill out their contact form or email them with a compliment about the product and why I love to use it.

Last year I emailed Permatex (the manufacturer) and told them how I love it because the bottle comes with a nail brush that I always steal from my husband.  Apparently, they liked my email because I received a full-size bottle with a bonus nail brush (Now my husband can have his back!) in the mail.

This is definitely my favorite response. Most of the time you will receive high value coupons, information on how to sign up for special offers, and occasionally free product coupons.

I learned this great trick from Couponing to Disney. She has a 5 A Day program, where she write 5 companies every week day, and offers a spreadsheet to help you keep track of who you contacted, when, and what you received from them.

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