List of companies to email for freebies/coupons Part 7

Here is a list of manufacturers you can contact to ask for free samples or coupons.  I have contacted a few, and already have received some freebies and coupons.  Just make up a generic comment, and change were appropriate to match to the specific product you are contacting about.  Click on the name and it will take you to their home page.  Find the contact section and enter your info and email to them and wait for free stuff to come in your mail box.

This list if for N-O.  I will add more each day until I get to Z.  Please let us know if a link is no longer working or if you get a chance to send a comment and receive something please let us know what you had received.

Nestle – Welcome to the Web site for Nestlé, the world’s food company. The only company that is truly dedicated to providing a complete range of food products to meet the needs and tastes of people from around the world, each hour of their day, throughout their entire lives. . Here you will find information on our various brands, the company history, investor relations and worldwide offices.

Nestlé’s Toll House – Discover hundreds of best-loved recipes from the Nestle baking brands: Nestle Toll House, Nestle Carnation, Libby’s Pumpkin and Albers Corn Meal and Grits


Old El Paso – It’s fun, easy-to-prepare and simply delicious. At Old El Paso®, we’ve been making your favorite Mexican foods since 1917.

Olean – The foremost authority for information about Olean and olestra. Get all the facts about Olean brand olestra, the new no-calorie cooking oil that adds no fat to your favorite snacks.

Oreida – We at Ore-Ida are so excited about our new Stand-Up Resealable Bag!

Oreos – Free online arcade games from NabiscoWorld – fun for kids of all ages! Featuring more than 20 great Shockwave games. From Nabisco Company.

Ortega – Mexican Food Recipes

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