List of companies to email for freebies/coupons Part 8

Here is a list of manufacturers you can contact to ask for free samples or coupons.  I have contacted a few, and already have received some freebies and coupons.  Just make up a generic comment, and change were appropriate to match to the specific product you are contacting about.  Click on the name and it will take you to their home page.  Find the contact section and enter your info and email to them and wait for free stuff to come in your mail box.

This list if for P-Q.  I will add more each day until I get to Z.  Please let us know if a link is no longer working or if you get a chance to send a comment and receive something please let us know what you had received.


Pace – Discover delicious recipes using Pace salsa, picante sauce, and queso, find out about current Pace promotions, learn about all the different flavors of Pace products, and meet our founder, David Pace.

PAM Cooking Sprays – PAM isn’t just for non-stick cooking anymore! With new flavors and new recipes, now more than ever

Pepperidge Farm – Once you’ve had your first luxuriant taste of Pepperidge Farm® Distinctive Cookies, nothing else will do. More than a treat, they’re a rewarding and pleasurable experience. information, including financial statements, and job opportunities.


Perrier – Entertaining is part of our lives – it’s fun and exciting! Whether it’s about holidays, birthdays, weddings or other occasions, the trick to making them unique is to add your own personality.

Pillsbury – Pillsbury’s goal is to be the Best Food Company in the world by the year 2000. Look here for product info, recipes, job listings and a profile of this world class company.

Pop Secret

Popsicle Zone – Break the Rules of Breakfast



Prego – Simply poured over pasta or used in your classic Italian dishes, these flavorful sauces are made with real chicken and are a new way to kick-off recipes like Prego® Italian Sausage & Chicken One Dish or Prego® Cheesy Chicken Pizza


Progresso Soup – Since the first Progresso premium soup was created in 1949, based on an old Taormina family recipe, we have been perfecting the art of soup-making.

Puppy Chow – Your guide to the feeding and care of incredible puppies, exclusively from Purina.

Purina – Come to Purina for expert advice on caring for your cat or dog.

Purina ONE – Purina ONE offers an extensive line of food for dogs and cats of all breeds and life stages. Learn about how great relationships are fed with Purina ONE. Each product contains real meat and ensures your pet will live a long and healthy life.

Quaker Oats

Quinlan Pretzels – Large East Coast snack food company with over 75 years experience providing quality, tasty snack foods…Come visit the wonderful world of Wise Snacks.

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