Problem with Vitacost Chewing Gum Orders

Did you see the awesome deal on chewing gum that I shared last week? Vitacost had their 12-packs of Glee gum (18 pcs per pack) marked down to 72¢ – they were 90% off. I ordered some and then shared the deal with my readers.

Yesterday, I received my order. Instead of delivering the 12-packs of gum, they shipped individual packs. So, instead of 14 boxes of gum (168 individual packs) that I mentioned in the post, people are only going to get 14 packs!

I called Vitacost. I explained the situation. I was put on hold. After speaking with her supervisor, my operator told me that it was a typo and that there was nothing they could do. After all, she said, I am getting a pack of gum for 72¢. (Benefit of the doubt – if it were a typo, then it would most likely be on ONE of the items; not on all. Also – the original price as $12+ – why would anyone pay that much for a single pack of gum?)

Well – that’s not what I ordered. According to the operator, because they are now out of stock, they can’t view what it said online. They have to stand by their price.

I informed the operator that I was upset for a couple of reasons. First, they are not providing me with what I ordered. Second, I shared this deal with my readers and THEY aren’t going to get what they ordered. I’m going to look untrustworthy because it seems as though I’m providing false information.

I let the operator know that she could visit my blog and look at the post and she could see what the description said. I told her that I could scan and send her my packing slip. Neither of these would suffice. She can only go by what they can see in their computer, which is 72¢ for a pack of gum.

After 25 minutes on the phone, the operator speaking with her supervisor multiple times (and not letting me speak to a supervisor), I was told that I could be credited for what I purchased.

Here’s the problem. I bought this with a credit. They can’t give me anything. They can’t reissue the credit. I didn’t get what I ordered – I would have used my credit for something else if I’d known they weren’t going to ship me what I ordered.

Finally, at the 30 minute mark, I was told I could be credited for my shipping and that’s all.

I was not happy with the way the phone call was handled. I am not happy that I shared a deal with my readers where I feel that everyone is going to get a bad outcome. I am BIG on customer service and I believe there was a huge fail here.

Did you order the gum? Did they send you the 12-packs or individual packs? I encourage you to call Vitacost at (800) 381-0759 and stand your ground! Make sure you get credited for what you spent.

I apologize that this deal went wrong. Let me know what happens with your order!


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