Visit San Antonio- Our Favorite Weekend Getaway In Texas

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With a family of 9 we don’t go on a lot of extended trips, we tend to take weekend getaways. Our favorite place to go is San Antonio, we generally go about twice a year. There are so many things to do no matter what budget you are on. It doesn’t matter how many times we go, we always “Remember the Alamo” to remind our kids of the incredible history of that location. I have to admit that seeing The Alamo today makes it hard to imagine what happened there. The Alamo is always free to visit and always the most valuable part of our trip.

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Paul & Tiff San Antonio
The Riverwalk is another one of our favorite stops. It’s really close to The Alamo and it is just amazing. I think at this point we keep going to see if anyone will win the bet of which kid will fall in the river. So far we are 0-15 years! There are so many great restaurants on and off the Riverwalk that you almost can’t go wrong. I do recommend the local places over the chain restaurants, but that is just the way I roll. Mi Tierra is our favorite restaurant in San Antonio.

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This trip we decided to go to Sea World, It was a tough choice between there and Six Flags. We have a bunch of younger kids so we picked Sea World because there are more things to do for the whole family. My older kids are begging us to take them back and go to Six Flags. The water park at Sea World is awesome and you know this cutie never misses a chance to pose for the camera!

If you have a weekend to get away anytime during the year I highly recommend San Antonio. It is a great mix of fun, history and amazing food!

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