WOW!! Get 10 packs of Sunflower Seeds for only $1.50!!

Who likes a good deal? Would you like to get 10 bags of Planters Sesame Seeds for $1.50? Keep reading!!Dollar General has the 3 oz. bags of Planters Sesame Seeds for 85ยข each for their regular price. (See Below)

Wiz Clipz has a 10-pack of $1 off a Planters Product coupon for only $1.50 (includes shipping). There is no size restriction on the coupon.

Use the coupons at Dollar General and they are free!! Your total out-of-pocket is $1.50!!

These are great snack items – include them in a lunch bag for school or take them to work.

I didn’t check on the price of other types of nuts, but I bet you could get a really good price on them with this coupon!

Not sure how long these coupons will be in stock, so buy them now!!

(I took these pictures at my local Dollar General Store today – prices may vary by location.)

Note: Dollar General doesn’t provide an overage on coupons – the amount of the coupon will be adjusted down to the amount of the product. You can read the Dollar General Coupon Policy for more details.

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