38 Piece Gardening Kit Only With Free Tools

I love gardening!  I used to have this amazing garden book (the complete set above) but my mother kidnapped it!  When I saw this offer, I knew I had to grab it again!  This welcome kit is $5.95 & shipping is only $2.99! This is one heck of a deal, as I would be willing to pay quite a bit more for the tools alone!

You get all of the following:

  • Heavy-duty binder
  • Divider cards
  • 36 Gardening Made Easy cards
  • 7 piece houseplant gardening toolset
  • Carrying tote
Right now, you can even get this nifty herb scissors for an additional $9.95! I had to grab the herb scissors.  We use fresh herbs whenever possible and that looks so much easier than chopping them up!
Herb Scissors

Note: This is a club offer.  If you choose to remain in the program, you will receive a new package of Gardening Made Easy cards every 3-4 weeks. To cancel, simply call the number provided in your kit or create an online account to change your shipments.

Gardening Kit

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