$5 Free When You Join Starbucks Rewards Program

Free $5 Starbucks

Get $5 free when you join our loyalty program – just register your Starbucks Card. With the My Starbucks Rewards™ program, you can earn rewards like free drinks and food for making purchases with your Starbucks Card.

Benefits of Joining

  1. Get a little extra birthday love with a free drink or food reward on your big day.
  2. Paying with your registered Starbucks Card gets you brewed and iced coffee and tea refills at no charge during your visit at a participating store.
  3. Use your Starbucks Card 12 times and the next one is FREE!
  4. Receive special offers and coupons via mail, email or text message (when you opt-in).

I never get to Starbucks, but I kept getting all these free Starbucks cards online and would apply them to an online coffee purchase.  A friend told me how you can transfer the balance from one card to another, so now I’m adding all new cards to my first one & saving for the espresso machine I want!

Thanks Having Fun Saving & Addicted to Saving!

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