20 Pack of AmazonBasics AAA Alkaline Batteries $4.88

Amazon Basics AA Battery Deal

WooHoo! I found another great battery deal! AmazonBasics are $7.72 for a 20 pack of AA alkaline batteries or $5.74 for 20 AAAs! While that is a pretty good deal on its own, especially compared to what I can find locally (4 pack for $8), I chose to Subscribe & Save (S&S) with the AA batteries for an even better deal: $7.33 or $0.37/each.

Want an even better deal? Right now, if you use your Mastercard (or Mastercard debit card) to purchase select S&S, you get an additional 10% off the initial price!  This dropped my batteries to $6.56 or $0.33/each.  The AAAs are only $4.88 with these discounts! The only downside is, the additional 10% is only good for your first order.

Here’s how to score this deal:

  1. Head to Amazon
  2. Choose Subscribe & Save
  3. Enter the promotional code (bottom right) MSTRCRD1 
  4. Click Subscribe now

 Amazon Basics Screenshot

What is Subscribe & Save? Amazon has set up a program that allows consumers to receive 5% off (current discount) when you agree to receive auto shipments on an item. I recommend selecting every 6 months for more control, but you can change/cancel your subscription at any time. For some items, having an Amazon Mom account will allow you to save an additional 5%. Shipping is free on S&S orders. To receive FREE 2 day shipping on any Amazon order, sign up for Amazon Mom or Amazon Student today. Both are free versions of Amazon Prime.

You may run across other sites that warn you to cancel your S&S as soon as it ships. My personal recommendation is to set it for 6 months. You can go into your “Manage Subscribe & Save” options at any time & choose to ship now, skip next shipment, or cancel.

I don’t recommend cancelling unless its something you decide you won’t use again. IMO, if too many people start signing up & cancelling Amazon may discontinue the program. It was designed to encourage people to use Amazon to stock up on items. If the system is abused, well….we all know how coupon abuse has led to some sad changes….

Update to my S&S cancellation theory: Over the last 2 years, the discount fell from 15% to 5% 🙁

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