Command Coupons


With the holiday season coming up, I’m looking for some new, fun ways to decorate my house. I was pleasantly surprised to see Command mention their printable coupons during a commercial (Yes – I actually watched a whole commercial) since they are already on my shopping list.  They have 4 coupons available right now.

I recently tried their hooks for my front door. I bought a very cute wreath, but couldn’t figure out how to hang it without hurting the door. It worked great, although I did manage to snap the first hook off.   *Note to self, do not try to shove a too-small hook through a wooden wreath.*  I used a larger one the second time and didn’t have an issue. They really are easy to hang up and to remove broken/used ones.

Grab your Command coupons while they last. Look for the “Download Command Coupons Now” link on the left hand side of the screen.

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