Entering Giveaways

Giveaways & Sweepstakes can be a great way to score some incredible items. Here are a few tips & tricks to make entering giveaways less time-consuming & stop your email from filling up with junk mail.  Got a tip? Don’t forget to leave a comment. I’ll add it to the list (along with your name).

  1. Set up a dedicated email that you only use for giveaways & sweepstakes. Make it really easy to remember. Mine is savanahsweepstakesmomma at gmail dot com.
  2. Make sure you have a Twitter & Facebook account set up. Many blog giveaways let you tweet or share the giveaway link for extra entries. If you have a blog, you can usually get extra entries by writing a post or sharing their button on your site.
  3. When I find a giveaway, the first thing I do is skim for the end date. Not all giveaways are marked closed when they end. Once you know it is a open giveaway, move on to the next step.
  4. Make sure you read the instructions completely. If you miss something, you may be disqualified from winning. If you have a question, contact the host and ask. Do NOT ask in a comment on a blog giveaway that selects the winner from the comments.
  5. Use Autofill or a program like RoboForm. I prefer Roboform so I can use different emails on my computer (whether it is a giveaway, coupon site, or I’m ordering something) without having to change my email and phone number (I only give my cell number when ordering a product).
  6. When planning to enter multiple blog giveaways, open notepad & have common entries ready to copy/paste. You could also use Clippings Firefox Add-on.  Either method will allow you to quickly add “I follow you on Twitter” without typing it every time.
  7. If a blog giveaway requires your contact info in your comment, put it in every comment you leave. I prefer to put my email in non-clickable form (savanahcouponmomma at gmail dot com). It only takes the host a minute to fix & saves me lots of spam.
  8. Make your mandatory comment count. Many hosts get annoyed with people that just post “I want to win” and may remove those comments if the first entry was supposed to be specific to the giveaway. If you were supposed to visit the sponsor’s site and comment with something you like, really visit their site and tell your host something you would like to have from there.
  9. Take advantage of any extra entries a blog giveaway offers. The more you enter, the better your chances of winning.
  10. If a giveaway/sweepstakes offers daily/weekly entries, bookmark them and come back. I have a bookmark folder for sweepstakes with the subfolders: daily, weekly, and monthly. Every day I take 5 minutes to enter the dailies. On Saturday, I do the weeklies, and on the last day of each month I enter the monthlies. When the contest ends, I delete it from my bookmarks.
  11. To do the daily tweets for extra entries on blog giveaways without going through your bookmarks, check out your recent tweets. Copy/paste each one & then head to the blog in another tab to mark it done. Make sure you put the end date in your tweet to help your followers and prevent you from tweeting closed giveaways.
  12. Bookmark giveaways so you will know you already entered. Create a subfolder to keep it organized and clean it out every once in awhile. When you visit a link you have bookmarked (with Firefox), a yellow star appears to the right of the address bar.
  13. If a giveaway allows 1 entry per person, you can have your spouse/partner enter. If it is 1 entry per household, don’t try to sneak by. You could both be disqualified from that giveaway as well as future giveaways from the host and/or sponsor.

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