FlyLady: My Sanity Saver

I’m often asked how I do it, in regards to raising 4 boys with an OTR husband, taking care of our house/yard, blogging, and freelance web design.  My answer is always: FlyLady

If you’ve never heard of FlyLady, please explore her website & check out the great tools she offers. Without her, I would still be living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and miserable. She helped me realize its okay to do things differently than my mom did and that perfection isn’t something I should strive for but avoid. No more thinking “I don’t have time to do this right, so I’ll do it later when I have more time”. I’ve got 4 kids; time is not something I have a lot of. Unloading part of the dishwasher while I have 2 seconds is better than not doing any of it now.

Her site is completely free to use and contains so much information that isn’t available any where else. The amount of support and encouragement you receive as a member is amazing. This isn’t just your typical organization site. She takes a holistic approach to living. Cleaning is something we have to do in order to have a healthy, productive life but many people get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  Many of you with you children can probably remember a time you put them in bed and looked around your house wondering when the tornado hit. I remember more than one night where I would walk downstairs after tucking everyone in, look around, and decide I would just do it in the morning & head back to my bedroom.

Flylady helps you develop simple routines and habits that prevent things from getting out of control. She emphasizes baby steps. After all, most of us can jump head first into a new routine & burn out a few days later. Simple, baby steps help develop 1 routine at a time until we are ready to add in a new habit. Each month, she focuses on a new habit.

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Looking for some clutter-free birthday presents? Check out her shop from some great “purple” (green but fun) tools & her calender. I absolutely love my calender. Each month is 2 full pages, so plenty of space to write for each day. I have enough room to write down all my bills, jot down Dr. appointments, birthdays, and library events. Plus, each month has a section for notes – great for writing down calls I have to make. My favorite part, the stickers that come with. You can choose from 2 packs, adult or student. Each sticker is designed for an event, such as birthday, doctor, party, etc & makes it really easy to tell important days. I love it so much, I’ve given a few away & plan on giving them to everyone this year.  

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