Free ADD & ADHD Support

There is always a lot of controversy over ADD & ADHD support and treatment. Mention your viewpoint on how they are diagnosed/over-diagnosed, whether to medicate or not, or other ways to treat them, and you may deal with a backlash from your friends and family.  Regardless of how you choose to handle your child’s ADD/ADHD, you know its stressful and expensive!  Alliance Health Care Services has put together a free 3-part educational series, specifically for those raising a teenager with ADD or ADHD. If your family chooses to medicate, you will also have access to savings on those medicines.

Learn about treatment options that are changing lives for the better.

  • Especially for parents or caregivers of teens with ADD/ADHD
  • See what is helping other children like yours
  • Plus a special savings offer on ADD/ADHD medicine

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