Free North American Scavenger Hunts from Educents


To get Free North American Scavenger Hunts from Educents, look for the image below and click it. This set is a $13.90 value! It is great for homeschooling and keeping your children entertained over the summer!


Have fun puzzling your way through North America! In this 3-Country North America Scavenger Hunt Bundle Set, you will find the complete Scavenger Hunt Games for the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Each set includes 24 Student Clue Cards, 24 Answer Cards, Student Handouts, and Wrap-up Questions. Each set helps students to learn more about the culture and geography of the country, and can be used as a fun and competitive game or as an archeological dig for information activity!

Great for class instruction or for review at the end of a unit. Can be used in a Geography course or in any class studying the countries and their people. All answers are provided, as well as additional information and stories to bring the countries alive for the students. Use Answer Cards for complete activity in a younger class, or use only the Clue Cards for older classes to spark further student-centered investigation. Very adaptable, and numerous ideas for implementation included in teacher directions.

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