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Right now you can grab a free month of!  This is our favorite early learning program.  The twins especially love it (Garrett is freaking out seeing the banner while I type this) and ask to do their “school” every day.  They’ve had an account for over a year & haven’t lost interest yet.  Garrett’s favorite activities are the songs & puzzles, while Gavin prefers to color (and print!) the same picture over & over.

As you can see below, there are lots of different options available in the classroom. The main activity choices are available across the top. You can also click on many things around the room to find new activities. The hamster & fish tank are popular choices at our house.

Free Month of

The learning path contains units to help them master skills.  For the most part, my boys prefer to pick an activity and stick with those that appeal to them each day. Once they learned that they earn prizes and tickets for completing a lesson unit, they changed their minds.  Tickets can be used to purchase things for their rooms, their hamsters, and their fish tanks.


One of my favorite things is that I pay one low price ($8 a month) for up to 3 children.  The twins started off sharing one, but since Cameron is too old for the program we are going to delete his & split the twins apart. You can add more children, but they have to set it up for you.  Since the twins were so little and were doing everything together, it was easier to just have them share one.

Sign up and get your free month now!


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