Free Worksheets: Auditory Processing

We’ve all seen the worksheets where you trace a line, count some objects, and identify letters & shapes. Some are better than others and, of course, I love finding free ones. Recently, I ran across a great site called School Sparks & have been sharing some of their wonderful categories with you. Today, I noticed one I’ve never seen anywhere before: Auditory Processing.  After a quick glance, I had to print a few of these free worksheets for the boys to try tomorrow. There are 3 subcategories: Simple Instructions, Multiple-Step Directions, and Listening to Clues.
Have a younger child, too? Print 2 copies & put one in a file for making copies later. I have a few files that I use for different subjects to save myself from hunting down that where a great worksheet came from or for a refresher later on. Tip: If a worksheet doesn’t print the website’s address, make sure to hand-write it on for later reference.

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