Freegan: Gross or Great?

I’m all about saving money and environmentally sound choices, but I was shocked to see an article about “Freegans” in my LearnVest newsletter.  First topic was Dumpster Diving!  At first glance, I thought the whole idea was repulsive.  As I kept reading, I realized it isn’t exactly climbing into dumpsters and digging out anything even halfway edible. The scene from Look Who’s Talking where he’s peeling off layers of lettuce was going through my head, but I quickly realized there are lots of ways to become a “Freegan”.  In fact,  whenever I eat a meal that comes from food we’ve grown ourselves – I’m acting like a Freegan!  I don’t ever see myself going through a store’s garbage to find free food, but was very surprised by the descriptions of the people involved.

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