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As the homeschooling mom of 4 little boys, I’m always looking for recipes that let me spend less time in the kitchen while still having a balanced diet that isn’t full of preservatives commonly found in prepared foods. My crockpot is my favorite kitchen gadget because it makes things so much easier, but I can’t use it 4 times a day every day. Casseroles are a great addition to our menu. There are so many casserole recipes that only use a few ingredients, yet provide a flavorful main dish. Add a salad, some nice crusty bread, and you have a nicely balanced meal.

I signed up at & have found dozens of new ideas, especially for breakfast.  Above are just a few of the recipes that caught my eye. Plus, if you sign up right now you can also get a free ebook.  I’ve been too busy looking at all the recipes on site to even open my ebook yet!

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Most of these recipes only provide the basics: name, description, number served, and cooking time. Then, they provide a direct link to the full recipe. Although this involves an extra click, I find many other great websites this way & appreciate the respect for the recipe creator’s copyright.

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