GIVEAWAY: Patrice Essential Oil Weight Loss Kit

Win your FREE Essential Oil Weight Loss Kit from Patrice Health & Home Essentials. This kit will help you have more energy (Peppermint), increase your metabolism (Grapefruit), Purify and Detox your body (Lemon), and help you to get a better night’s rest (Lavender)! We are excited to share personal testimonies of people losing up to 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks! DITCH the Diet Pills and give your body what it needs! Check us out!

Shown:  The essential oils you will get as part of this prize

If you decide to make a purchase, please use rep code: 01-001-05 so that we can get credit at Couponer’s Corner.  Thank you.

     Total prize includes:  4 essential oils (shown in a pic), a Modern Essentials Book, 1 foot detox session (local only), and an individualized and customized weight loss plan.   Prize is valued at $149. Giveaway ends 3/22.

 Good Deals and Coupons is not responsible for shipping the prize for this giveaway. 

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