List of companies to email for freebies/coupons Part 9

Here is a list of manufacturers you can contact to ask for free samples or coupons.  I have contacted a few, and already have received some freebies and coupons.  Just make up a generic comment, and change were appropriate to match to the specific product you are contacting about.  Click on the name and it will take you to their home page.  Find the contact section and enter your info and email to them and wait for free stuff to come in your mail box.

This list if for R-S.  I will add more each day until I get to Z.  Please let us know if a link is no longer working or if you get a chance to send a comment and receive something please let us know what you had received.

Ragu Sauce – You’re clicking that mouse so hard, you must be hungry! Come and visit Mama at her Cucina before you hurt yourself. Mama’s got some coupons, some sweepstakes, a smidgen of Italian lessons, and plenty of delizioso recipes. I’ll whip you up something and you’ll eat, eh?

Red Baron Pizza – Red Baron Pizza: The Official Website of the Sky. Enjoy delicious Red Baron pizza and check out the Red Baron Stearman Squadron at an Airshow near you!

Reynolds Wrap

Rice Krispies – Kellogg’s has everything for the breakfast lover. Loaded with games, recipes and nutrition information. Take a tour with Tony the Tiger.

Roman Meal – Roman Meal bread is still a top choice for soft whole grain bread, oat bran, roman meal bread and hamburger buns! You will find our Roman Meal bread products in the familiar tango orange bag, but look for our other products featuring the Roman Meal centurion you’ve come to know on the package.

San Luis Sourdough Bread – Makers of Premium Sourdough Hearth and Specialty Breads


Simply Home (Campbell’s) – Simply Home soups are sealed fresh into glass jars to bring you hearty, homemade taste.

Slim Jim

Snackwell’s – Free online arcade games from NabiscoWorld – fun for kids of all ages! Featuring more than 20 great Shockwave games. From Nabisco Company.


Spam – Don’t be shy. Explore. See if you can find all of the great interactive features scattered throughout the site.

Special K – Kellogg’s has everything for the breakfast lover. Loaded with games, recipes and nutrition information. Take a tour with Tony the Tiger.


Stouffer’s – Meal Ideas, Table Talk, Recipes, and Delicious Products from Stouffer`s – Nothing Comes Closer to Home” Name

Success Rice – “Successful” cooking with the right dish in the right time at the right place.

Sue Bee Honey

Sun Chips – Frito-Lay – a fun part of your life! Learn about Frito-Lay’s chips, cookies, pretzels, popcorn and other munchies that make snacking fun!

Sunny Delight – Sunny Delight is a refreshing real fruit beverage that contains Vitamins A and B1

Swanson Broth – Looking for an alternative to those same old stand-by recipes? Make a change for the better, by using Swanson Broth when you cook.

Swiffer Broom – A Revolutionary Way to Clean

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