Magic Eraser – Review & Amazon Deal

I finally broke down and bought a 4-pack of Mr Clean Magic Erasers to attempt to get crayon off the wall (gotta love 3-year-olds). They were on sale for $3.50 at Dollar General ($0.88 each).

I LOVE these! With 1, I was able to clean my porch door (inside & out), around my trash can, pantry door, above my stove (how does stuff end up above my head?), and 2 walls in my dining room.  I gave the 3yo and 5yo each one and they cleaned my back porch, fridge, stove, and trash can. They were amazed about how they erased everything to the point, I don’t think they realized they were cleaning. Mine was completely ruined when I was done, but both boys will be able to use theirs again next time. These are definitely something I will be keeping on hand from now on.

 Of course, I wanted to find the best deal so I headed to my favorite store, Amazon. Must be my lucky day. They are on sale for $0.79 each ($19.00 for a 24 pack).  Amazon pricing can change pretty quick, so head over and grab your Mr. Clean Original Erase and Renew Magic Erasers today!

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