Over 200 Pairs of Heels for Under $25!

Heels for less than $25

What’s better than a pair of shoes?  Getting an awesome deal on new shoes!  Right now, 6pm has over 200 pairs of heels for under $25! No matter what your size, style, or height preference – you are sure to find a pair (or 3) that will look so much better on your feet than in a warehouse somewhere!

200 heels under $25

Confession: I am a shoe addict.  Before I had children, I had over 300 pairs.  My feet stayed a size bigger, so I donated all of them and have been slowly rebuilding my collection. Unfortunately, I actually have bills now so I have to rely on great deals and credits to help me get there.  Thank goodness I set aside money for when I find deals like this one!

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