Spa for Ma Giveaway Event – August 18-31 is a blog for frugal moms who love their families! Discover tried and true recipes, menu plans, frugal tips, couponing, awesome reviews and giveaways, and much more creativity for everyday!

I am participating in the Spa for Ma Giveaway Event, taking place from August 18th to 31st.  During this event, a large group of blogs (up to 200) will be hosting giveaways for prizes and prize packs worth at least $100.

Prizes you might see:

  •     Scented Candles
  •     Bath Salts/Scrubs
  •     Massage Oil
  •     Bath Pillow
  •     Body Lotion
  •     Slippers
  •     Makeup
  •     Chocolate
  •     Anything Else to Pamper Mom!

Make sure to mark your calendar and be prepared for some really great giveaways.

I am currently looking for sponsors for this event. If you would be interested in providing a product or two, please email me at savvyshoppercentral @

If you have a suggestion for a company or product you would like to see, please let me know. I love to offer products I know you will enjoy!

If you are a blogger interested in participating, please visit Measuring Flower for more details.

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