Walmart's Making Black Friday Easy!

We all know Black Friday is a great time to score some amazing deals, but you normally walk away with a few (more) gray hairs. Mapping out which stores to hit when & how to navigate through each store can be a little tricky, not to mention some very rude people.  This year Walmart is making it a LOT easier for us.

You can apply price match & Black Friday pricing to layaway items! Paul from I Heart the Mart explains it so much better than I can in this video.

Utilizing Walmart’s Black Friday Changes:

  1. Go through the Walmart Black Friday Ad
  2. Pick out which Black Friday deals you can price match at Walmart to save you time & money.
  3. Head to Walmart and put these items on layway NOW (it will be full price & adjusted on Black Friday)
  4. Head to Walmart’s layway on Thursday/Friday (when your prices are available) and pay off your layaway contract at the Black Friday price
If you aren’t able to pay it off  during Black Friday pricing, it will remain at full price so make sure to plan accordingly.

For full details, check out I Heart the Mart’s full Black Friday Price Match breakdown!

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